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A Complete Range
Perfect. In All and for Everyone.

A broad, rich, jaunty offer, perfectly capable of being recognized. Even by the perfectionists.
Wellness right at your paw.

A line of products able to support health management. The last goal of ImperialFood Research is dedicated to the care and welfare even of the most delicate subjects.
The detail makes the difference.

Quality products, simple in their essentiality, but rich of those intangible details that make the difference: passion, research, experience.

Professional Supplements Range.

A professional supplementation, combined with an high-level nutrition, can make the real difference in protecting dogs from the most common diseases related to their race or activity they perform.
Our Ingredients
The secret of each recipe is the choice of ingredients.

The raw materials used in ImperialFood recipes are selected at the origin, to ensure the utmost naturalness, genuineness and organoleptic quality. We choose ingredients for the most part intended for human consumption, exclusively Italian, wherever possible "zero kilometers" and supplied through a selected and constantly monitored supply chain. We do not use dyes, preservatives and chemical additives, respecting the natural authenticity of the ingredients. All our formulas are composed of a combination of macro-categories of ingredients calibrated to obtain a complete food and able to provide all of the basic nutritive elements for feeding the dog.

PROTEIN from animal and plants that provide strength and tone to the muscle mass

COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES with a high absorption, to provide slow-release energies

B VITAMINS, which act as a tonic for the nervous and muscle system

VITAMIN C and E, to increase the body's defenses and block the formation of free radicals

SELENIUM, which synergistically with Vitamin E prevents muscular disorders and supports the immune system

CALCIUM, PHOSPHORUS and VITAMIN D3 for the formation and the development of the bone and muscle structure

L-CARNITINE to speed up the metabolism, promote the development of the lean body mass, protect joints

PREBIOTICS FOS and MOS, useful for the maintenance of a good intestinal bacterial flora

OMEGA-3 and OMEGA-6 essential to the health and shine of the coat
Our Nutritional Philosophy
Dried or Fresh meat?
Dehydrated meat is no more than fresh meat without its aqueous component. It is a real concentrated source of proteins and energy: 1 Kg of dehydrated meat is the equivalent of 5 Kg of fresh meat!

Cereals: Yes or No?
A good food can not be judged on the basis of the presence of cereals! In the long process of evolution, dog has developed enzymes to ensure cereals adequate digestion.

Are fats bad?
Nothing could be further from the truth! The dog was born as a carnivore, thus its metabolism is designed for the digestion of fats, that help to give the product the right calories, as mentioned above. Fats are a source of energy and make the coat beautiful.

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