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Dried or Fresh Meat?
ImperialFood products fulfill the carnivorous dietary requirements of the dogs: they are mainly composed by animal proteins accompanied by a lower percentage of vegetable proteins, deriving from first-choice foodstuffs on our local market.
We would like to dispel the widespread myth that an infallible yardstick to evaluate the dog food quality is the presence of meat at the first place on the label. That is not necessarily true: it is therefore necessary to explain why the meat does not appear as the first ingredient in our products.
Our products are made by premium quality dried meat: the more concentration of protein there is in a dried meat, the less you should use to obtain the desired protein content. On the other hand, the less is the protein content in a dried meat, the more is the quantity of meat we should use in the recipe and, as a logical consequence, meat will be the first ingredient on the label: however,however, this does not necessarily mean that such meat, nor the food which is realized with it, are of superior quality.
In general, we should know that premium quality dried meat, we can find on the market, usually has higher protein content and very low ash content. ImperialFood uses this kind of meat in all its products range thus ensuring users a superpremium food made by the best quality raw materials and the lower content of ashes, that, as we know, could caused severe intestinal tract disorders when ingested in significant amounts and for a long period of time.
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