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Cereals: Yes or No?
From some time now, we are witnessing a process of demonization of some basic ingredients of the feed composition, especially corn and other cereals. ImperialFood, a company whose products were designed under the guidance of one of the largest European canine nutritionists, remains convinced of the choices made and reconfirmed in time, even on the basis of its own experience.
First, we believe that a good food can not be judged on the basis of the single ingredients presence and amount, but it should be valued on the basis of the overall balance and digestibility, found primarily through the observation of the stool. Little-bulky, very compact and stiff faeces, as well as favouring cleaning, are also and above all a symptom of high digestibility and absorbability of the product's formulation. It's also shown that the corn and the other cereals, after the extrusion cooking treatments, are easily digestible and not only rich in carbohydrates, but also in proteins such as the gluten.
ImperialFood, as it is known, is one of the few companies to use the gluten's pure protein as a protein source: it contributes to the balance of the protein mix which distinguishes our product and which the consumer may experience using it every day.
Of course, all these considerations do not apply in cases of a rare example of REAL intolerance to corn or other cereal. But generalizing the demonization of the corn would be like to say for example that, since there are people with celiac diseases, wheat is an ingredient to be eliminated from the diet of all of us humans! Just in the case that real intolerances exist, it is essential to use proper and specific formulations which exclude certain ingredients from the diet of our animals.
In the case of allergies and intolerances, ImperialFood has developed specific high-tolerable products, based on sources of carbohydrates and proteins such as potatoes, rice and fish meat.
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