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Breeders and Professionals

Passion and Experience are Qualities we have in Common

They are not just Customers, they are our Team. A group of people, like us, who have a great passion for dogs,
to whom they devote much of their time and energy.
Family run, handicraft production: every day we personally check the quality of raw materials and the execution of production processes. We look for the best ingredients from Italian origin. We take samples, registered according to a rigorous HACCP protocol. To guarantee you the best, every day: just like you do, we leave nothing to chance.

Our lines are organized on the basis of very specific goals, the results that a professional is looking every day: Beauty, Growth, Sport. We will advise you best, to help you arrive wherever you want.

Balance, completeness, naturalness. Essential ingredients for any trusting recipe, which guarantees health before everything else: our main goal is to make them feel good, for longer. Beauty, liveliness, and fitness are just a direct consequence.

Reach your Goals
A chosen range of food to enhance their natural beauty.
The nutrition to support their growth.

The ideal nutrition for working dogs.

The best proof... are the results

A large number of champions win trials every day,
choosing the quality ImperialFood.
Our Facebook album is always
updated with their results.
Via Galvani 2,
43018 Sissa Trecasali (PR), ITALY
+39 0521 872973
Created by Imperial Food S.r.l.
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