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The Passion of a Life
30-year History
1977 - 1986
At the end of the 70's our Company was one of the first companies selling pet food in Italy, contributing to the developement of an up until then unknown sector: the pet food. After 10-year experience, in 1986 we started a cooperation with one of the most European expert of dog nutrition, the French Veterinarian Jean Cathary and we introduced on the Italian market the first product made using the Triple Layer Technology.
1996 - 2007
After many years of cooperation with the Veterinarian Jean Cathary, our Company has started a 100% Made in Italy production, widening our headquarter and founding the ImperialFood brand. In 1996, the first products of our range were launched into the market with the names of ImperialFood Energy and ImperialFood Cuccioli e Fattrici. As ImperialFood Company was continuing to grow, a new production site was opened in 2007.
2011 - Now
In 2011, the second Imperial Food generation started and the new Imperial Food S.r.l society was founded. From 2011 to now, we have created many new and exclusive formulations, as a result of constant investments in R&D, and we have extended our products range introducing the Health line and the new Acti line.
The Company: yesterday, today and tomorrrow.

ImperialFood was born in Parma, in the heart of the Italian Food Valley. The ImperialFood brand is recognized today, in the European dog professionalism, as a synonym of excellence, thanks to the know-how built in over 30 years working in the field of canine nutrition.
Our first products were designed through the collaboration and friendship between our founder Marco Spotti and Dr. Jean Cathary, the French veterinarian known for his studies and researches in the field of canine nutrition and dietetics, as well as founder of some of the most known companies of pet food.

The second generation carries on today the heritage of know-how and expertise, pursuing the values of innovation, sustainability and sensitivity to health, that result in a continuous process of research and design of new products.
ImperialFood is chosen by leading professionals (breeders, handlers, trainers, ...) of the Italian and European canine field, able to evaluate and then appreciate day by day, race by race, the outstanding balance and the unquestionable completeness of our food products .
Something more about Us
Made in Italy
We are supporters of the manufacturing excellence of our Country and, as its representatives, we guarantee 100% Italian food, made from domestically sourced raw materials, wherever possible "zero km", procured through a carefully selected and monitored supply network.
Quality Target
The attention paid to all the supply chain, a strict system for self checkpoint, the daily commitment in managing our activities, the accurate selection of the first-rate raw materials, mostly employed in the human feeding, are just the primary factors which permit us to grant our Customers an eccellent quality level.
Ethical Commitment
The passion for animals, which leads our activities every day, gives us the primary purpose of respecting their health and natural balance. In addition to this, the attention paid to the environment: in our small way, we are daily involved in respecting it as much as possible, limiting wastages and the employment of packaging, implementing a strict system for separate refuse collection and choosing selected suppliers but close to us as much as possible, both for favouring the control systems and limiting the carbon emissions (CO2).
Our Mission

Granting our best friends a long, healthy and joyful life, according to their natural equilibrium.

Contributing to the development of their individuality and to the expression of their potentialities in play, work and friendship.

Doing our canine friend a companion for life.
Via Galvani 2,
43018 Sissa Trecasali (PR), ITALY
+39 0521 872973
Created by Imperial Food S.r.l.
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